PolyPhasic Sleep For High-Quality Sleep and More Time

We are living in a time when sleep is a luxury. During sleep, we can not make money because time is money. Everyone, especially famous people in business who are in the top 500 wealthiest men in the world are sleeping less than 6 hours. Some of them are sleeping even less than 4 hours. Do you know Tesla? Nikola Tesla, not the car. Yes, that genius was supposedly sleeping 1.20h every day. How can a man with only 1-hour sleep make so many revolutionary patents?

PolyPhasic Explained

Polyphasic sleep is sleep when you are not sleeping in one batch. You are sleeping segmented sleep with two or more sleep per day. Majority of these sleep is done at night, but there are some crazy schedules like Uberman when you sleep only 2 hours per day by napping. Naps are short REM sleeps that lasts around 20 minutes. This is a short description, if you want to learn more about PolyPhasic sleep, then go check the website that has more details.

Why Switching to PolyPhasic Sleep?

The answer to this question is simple, to spend less time sleeping but feel fresh and recovered. To have more time to achieve your goals and have time for friends and family.

Personally, I am switching to Everyman 1. It is one of the most comfortable sleeping patterns that have biphasic properties. I will go to bed at 11 PM and will sleep all the way to 5 AM, which is approximately 6 hours. I will use Sleep as Android app and try to wake me up at light sleep period. Then my next sleep will be at 12:30 PM and will take only 20 minutes. That’s called a nap. Naps are proven to have a lot of benefits, and I would like to feel that on my skin.

Before attempting this schedule, I was sleeping 9 hours, and I am really looking forward to cutting that 9 hours of sleep down to 6 hours and 20 minutes. I will update daily adaptation log and 30 days after I adapt to keep you posted about how I feel. You can also see my sleeping chart here:

My Sleeping Chart

Sleep Chart

P.S. I am sleeping on Bamboo Pillow which I hope will help me get a good night’s sleep. Also before I go to bed I wear blue and white light blocking sunglasses.

My Everyman Adaptation Log

Day 0
I did nap at 12:30 which was not really good. In fact, I think I got zero sleep.

Day 1
I managed to wake up on time, but after a nap, I was really drowsy, I think my alarm didn’t wake me up fast enough. Overall during a day, I didn’t do much of work mostly because I didn’t want to fail the first day with this sleep, but tomorrow I am going with a todo list and let see how many things will be done.

My After Adaptation 30 Days Log

UPDATE: I quit after first day, I just can’t use an alarm to wake me up.

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