Anti Jet Lag Pillows to Reduce or Eliminate Jet Lag

Jet lag is medical term referred to changes in circadian rhythms which are the result of fast long distance traveling. Usually, this happens when people travel from east to west or vice versa on high-speed airplanes. But soon we will have ultra-fast trains, and jet lag may occur to train travelers on such fast trains as well.

Why is Jet Lag Problem?

A businessperson who is traveling from the United States to Moscow for a business meeting will sure get hit by a jet lag if he will travel on fast airplanes. And on this long trip, he may need up to several days to get back in full shape.

Another problem is for pilots who navigate airplanes on long-distance flights, they sure will get hit by jet lag which may cause fatigue and because of that airlines have regulations aimed to that problem which makes sure every pilot is in top shape despite the long distance ultra fast traveling.

Jet Lag Symptoms

Jet lag symptoms may be severe or mild, it all depends on how far you travel, at what time did you travel and how your body reacts to changes in circadian rhythms. In other words, jet lag may not even happen if you travel short distance where the only one-time zone is changed or even two if your body is taking good care of changes in circadian rhythms.

But jet lag may be a serious problem and the farther and faster you travel there is a higher chance that this problem will occur. Fatigue is one of the most common jet lag symptoms. But eating disorder, sleeping disorder, irritability, headaches, and poor mental performance may occur, and then you will need several days to get back into full shape.

Because of this symptoms, you need to do everything to eliminate jet lag or at least try to reduce it. And one of the method to reduce jet lag is to get a good travel anti-jet lag pillow.

Top 5 Different Types Anti-Jet-Lag Pillows

  • Simptech Inflatable Travel Pillow
Anti Jet Lag Pillow

Simptech Inflatable Travel Pillow for Fight Against Jet Lag

Simptech travel pillow does not even look like a pillow, but it is extremely comfortable, and you will for sure get a good sleep everywhere you use it, even on an airplane.
It had a patented ergonomic design, and it can be adjusted to your way of use. It is easy to carry because it is lightweight and all you need to do is inflate to use it and deflate to carry it.

With this pillow, you can sleep everywhere, stay longer in sleep and don’t get disturbed by light or even noise.

  • Travelrest Ultimate Pillow
Travelrest Pillow

Travelrest Ultimate Pillow for Sidesleepers

This unique design pillow will make sure your head does not fall forward, and it has full lateral support which guarantees comfortable relaxing and staying in asleep longer. It also has patented ergonomic design and all you need to do to use it is to inflate it. It will prevent tension and neck strain because it provides proper support to your head.

  • BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

BCOZZY Chin Support Travel Pillow

Another unique design for a travel pillow comes from BCOZZY company. BCOZZY Pillow supports chin and prevents your head from falling forward. It is ideal for all kind of traveling where you are in a seating position. You will get a good rest and sleep in any seating position even if you are in a car, bus, train or airplane.

  • Comfortable Travel Pillow by Crafty World
Crafty World Travel Pillow

Comfortable Travel Pillow by Crafty World

Crafty World travel pillow is scientifically tested to be the best pillow for people that suffer from back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain. You can sue this pillow in any seating position. You can use it in a car, bus, train, airplane; you name it.

Comfortable Travel Pillow will fit your neck and will adjust to provide an excellent support while you are at sleep.

  • APSUS Relax – Inflatable Travel Pillow?
APSUS Relax Travel Pillow

APSUS Relax – Inflatable Travel Pillow

Innovative and new pillow on the market that provides support to your head while you are traveling. Pillow is small and easy to use. All you need is 30 seconds to inflate it. It provides you a good neck support, and there are lots of holes for fresh air. Inside the pillow, you may have some excellent privacy for private phone usage.


Whatever pillow you choose, you need to know sometimes other stuff may influence on your jet lag issue. And sometimes nothing will help. But why not take a good travel pillow which is affordable for everyone and try to raise your chances against jet lag.

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