Blissful Serenity Alternative Down Bamboo Pillow

Alternative Down Bamboo Pillow


Reviews are mostly positive, and it has an excellent rating on Amazon for one pillow. Customers said this pillow is great value for a soft and firm pillow. But we recommend you to check it yourself. You cannot find too many similar pillows with that feature they are mostly specialized for some sleeping position. Also, it corrects spine and prevents from possible irregularities of the head, neck, and back. Price is more than affordable and if you wanted cheap and quality pillow you found it.


  • Affordable bamboo pillow
  • Specially blended foam
  • Available in King size
  • Soft and yet firm


  • Quality
  • Recommend

About Blissful Serenity Alternative Down Bamboo Pillow

Often when people are buying pillows they want to spend a small amount of money. Still, they want to find a quality pillow. Usually, they are purchasing more than one pillow for family or as a gift. For them, purchasing of the pillow is very hard, but we found a cheap and quality solution. Blissful Serenity alternative down bamboo pillow will fulfill your sleep and make it better. It is available in king and queen size so everyone can find comfort for itself. Once you read this article and if you are skeptic about it, you can use it for 30 days free because of a refund offer.Blissful serenity


Combination of shredded memory foam with bamboo cover make pillows very expensive but in this case, it is not. Foam is specially blended for an alternative down pillow. You can wash this pillow without a problem. You can put the whole pillow in the washing machine, or you can remove the cover and just wash a bamboo cover. This pillow is not for everybody because it is very soft and if you are looking for firm pillows better take a look in our latex or memory foam category. This pillow is recommended for back and stomach sleepers mostly, but if you like soft pillows, then it is for side sleeping, as well. It is cool all way, and you do not need to fluff it.Blissful serenity

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