Slim Sleeper Natural Latex Foam Pillow Review

Slim Sleeper Natural Latex Foam Pillow


A lot of customers find this pillow helpful. It is the right choice for neck problems and comfort-ability. It has an amazing rating on Amazon which is great for low profile pillow. It is hard to find low profile pillow with this rating and recommendations as a slim sleeper has.

It helped people with hard neck pain and those who had spent a lot of money to find a proper pillow. It also helped people with arthritis. But be careful if you decide to purchase, it is thin and on Amazon, there are people who return it and gave rating 1. But that is their fault. At all, I recommend this for stomach and back sleepers. It also can help someone for side sleeping but be careful if you want to use it for side sleeping it will not probably work except you have used thin pillow before.


  • Ultra slim pillow
  • Ideal for a stomach sleeper
  • Very firm
  • High quality


  • Quality
  • Recommend

About Slim Sleeper Natural Latex Foam Pillow

This latex foam pillow is just 2.75 inches thin. Flat Pillows are ideal for stomach sleepers and very good for back sleepers. I would not recommend it for side sleeping positions. It is thin, slim and very firm. In this firm pillow, latex foam provides comfort. Although it is firm it is not hard and heavy. Weight is 2.1 pounds and dimension is 24 x 16 x 2.75 inches. It is one of the best low profile pillows on the market and it is only available on Amazon.Slim Sleeper Natural Latex Foam Pillow

Slim Sleeper Natural Latex Foam PillowSpecifications

Pillow is built by 100% natural latex which is:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Mildew resistant
  • Anti-dust mites
  • Anti-fungus

So if you have allergies, you do not need to worry about materials or allergic reactions. Pillow comes with a cotton cover but it will fit any standard size cover. Pillow is very breathable it has pin-hole design and most of the latex pillows have designed with a bunch of holes. That design allows cooler and comfortable sleep. It will stay 2.75 inches even after a couple months of use.Slim Sleeper

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