Xtreme Comforts Slim Bamboo Pillow Review

Xtreme Comforts Slim Bamboo Pillow


This great pillow with incredible features I do not recommend for everyone. It is only for stomach sleepers and those who like to sleep on a thinner pillow. Many people make mistakes when they are buying a pillow because they do not know which size to use. In our every review you can see what sleeping style is best for what pillow. If we did not write anything, then it is universal.

Reviews are excellent, and people gave a super rating. There are comments like, “I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud”. It approves the satisfaction of customers.


  • High-quality pillow
  • Very cool and comfy
  • Comes with 6 years warranty
  • For stomach sleepers


About Xtreme Comforts Slim

Xtreme comforts slim bamboo pillow is designed for stomach sleepers and those who like thinner pillows. Slimmer pillows have many advantages including proper spine alignment, and that should be a feature of every pillow. Xtreme comforts made an effort and made this pillow with high quality. It never goes flat, and it is washable in machine. Classic covers are appropriate for its shape, and it will make cleaning much easier. Like every better pillow on the market, this one is also hypoallergenic. It is crucial to mention that this pillow comes with six years warranty which makes buying this pillow very safe for your pocket.Xtreme Comforts Slim Bamboo

Xtreme Comforts Slim Bamboo Specifications

Filling of the pillow is made with shredded memory foam which provides exceptional support for the head. Shredded foam allows the pillow to stay ventilated but still firm. Foam is CertiPur-US certified, and they have one of the best quality foams on the market. This foam never goes flat, and it is one of the reasons for the long warranty. It is also Micro-Vented Kool-Flow Technology foam, and it will keep your head cool all the time. Customers said that this pillow relieved their problems like snoring, insomnia, migraines, neck and back pain, allergies, and TMJ. The best thing about this pillow is quality. It is made with high quality and because of that, this is a durable pillow. If you want a quality pillow for extended uses, then this one is suitable for you. Price is not too high, and you will absolutely get what you pay.xtreme comforts slim bamboo

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